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The idea of homeownership can be both an exciting and terrifying  experience for most consumers.   Thankfully,   there   are   REALTORS®  to address your questions and/or concerns of  a real  estate transaction.

A REALTORS®’ abilities and skills stem from several factors, including, the mandatory educational requirements of the State of California, Bureau of Real Estate, for licensing; and the completion of initial and continuing Code of Ethics training mandated by the National Association of REALTORS® ("NAR").  It is this education and training that demand professionalism and competency of all REALTORS® to assure your best interests are represented from your initial interview through close of escrow.

Therefore, when selecting a REALTOR®, we suggest you do your homework, to include:

  • Confirming their licensing status;

  • Seeking referrals from family and/or friends;

  • Interviewing at least three candidates; and

  • Requesting candidate references.

Additionally, NAR recently reported on a new study by Collateral Analytics Research indicating that For-sale-by-owners, aka FSBOs, even successful FSBO sellers achieve prices “significantly below” those from similar properties sold more traditionally via REALTORS®.

Armed with the foregoing information, you can then make an informed decision in choosing a REALTOR® with intimate knowledge and experience of the real estate market necessary to successfully navigate the waters of the sale or purchase of a home.


Shasta Association of REALTORS® belong to and participate in a Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) which is utilized daily for sharing and promoting properties for sale within our community.  Such a service broadens the exposure of those properties to hundreds of REALTORS® and members of the public resulting in the successful sale and purchase of a property.

Additionally, the MLS also allows REALTORS® the ability to monitor the competition while maintaining a pulse on the ever changing real estate market thereby providing sellers and buyers with the most accurate and reliable property information available.  We encourage you to discuss the benefits of including your property on the MLS with your REALTOR®, and invite you to view current properties for sale within our area by visiting FlexMLS Property Search.

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Your property is “For Sale” but have you considered the benefits of an Open House?

The National Association of REALTORS® recently reported that despite all the changes technology has made in the housing market, the Sunday open house has undoubtedly been a tradition in real estate industry.  In fact, it is a tradition  that  is  still  alive  and  growing, as Google  search  data  shows,  and  nationwide, public  interest in open  houses seems to have increased over time.

This  increased  interest  may  benefit  both  a buyer and seller by providing an up-close and personal preview of a home that goes beyond its layout and physical characteristics, thereby, boosting its exposure and marketability. 

In light of the foregoing, the Shasta Association of REALTORS® proudly offers which is specifically designed to promote an Open House at your property while showcasing the properties features and amenities. 

Additionally, although today’s technology provides photographs and information about countless properties for sale, it cannot take the place of a personal viewing of a property.  Therefore, in response to this need, REALTOR® members have the ability to offer other REALTOR® members an up-close and personal tour of a property through our “Tour of Homes.”  This affords our REALTOR® members an opportunity to (1) personally share specific information about a property; and (2) gain personal knowledge about a property that may meet a buyer’s particular need.  If you are interested in learning more about this feature, please contact your REALTOR® today.


Builders respond to affordability crunch by developing in far-flung exurbs. 

Home builders are applying for permits to build houses in the “exurbs” more than any other area of the country, another sign of how the housing affordability crunch is driving consumer and industry decisions.

Exurbs, which the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) defines as outlying counties of large metro areas, were the only region of the country that had net year-over-year growth in single-family permits in the first quarter, the industry group said in a report.

In the exurbs, year-over-year permit growth was just 1.6% compared to a year before.  It was a tepid quarter: there were declines in every other category.  But NAHB has tracked the four-quarter moving average of permit applications back to 2016, and the exurbs have consistently had among the strongest interest from builders.

Read the full story.

Source:  MarketWatch  (Article courtesy of California Association of REALTORS®, Market Matters, May, 2019)

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First impressions are everything, especially in home buying.  A gorgeous exterior vs. an uninviting one decides whether you walk in the front door.  Inside, spotless interiors are more likely to inspire a life there than a cluttered house that’s clearly, well, someone else’s home.

And while this is where staging can play a huge role, it’s the listing pictures buyers see online that is often the first barrier of entry.  So they better be really good.


In fact, a 2013 Redfin study found that homes professionally photographed with high-performance Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) sold quicker and for thousands of dollars, more than homes shot with amateur photos.

Read more.

Source: Redfin . . . (Article courtesy of California Association of REALTORS®, Market Matters, June, 2019)

Did you know that homeowners pay between 80 & 90 percent of all federal income taxes? Be an informed homeowner . . . Homeownership matters!

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Whether you are buying or selling  a home    around the corner or across town, your REALTOR® can direct you to the services needed for a smooth transition.


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