Shasta Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors Election 2017

Welcome to Election 2017

The Shasta Association of Election REALTORS®, the Nominating Committee for 2017 announces the Board of Directors’ Election for 2017! 

  • Election Period: 
    • Commences Monday, August 21, 2017, at 6:00 a.m.
    • Closes Friday, August 25, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Voting will be by electronic balloting via (to view a sample email from last year, click here).
  • Members confirm your current email address AND cell phone number with Association office as soon as possible to assure your participation in the election.
  • For additional election details, click here.

And, now, the Nominating Committee proudly introduces your

Candidates for 2018 Officers and Directors  

17-06-28;Ray Ault photo.jpg

Office of President Elect

Ray Ault

With the help of my fellow directors and association members, we have one the best associations in all of California.  I wish to continue my contribution to the association by serving as President. I am currently serving as a director after two terms as Treasurer. I have a good working knowledge of the association’s finances and the issues we continue to face in our community. I believe that I can continue to serve by applying the knowledge I have gained as a director and treasurer working for the membership as President.

·         Working with Coldwell Banker C&C Properties since 1998

·         Serving currently as Director

·         Served on the Grievance Committee for 4 years

·         Served on the MLS Committee for 2 years

·         Served on the Pro Standards Committee for 2 years

·         Served on the finance Committee for 3 years

·         Serving on the Legislative Committee a second year

·         Serving on the Scholarship Committee for 2  years

I have helped the association with the annual Children’s Christmas party, the Seniors Gift program, and the gift collection and delivery for the under privileged at Christmas.

I would appreciate your vote.

Thank You.

Office of Treasurer/Secretary



Connie Metcalf

“I have been a member of the Shasta Association of REALTORS since 2000. Through these years, I have served on the Grievance, Finance, Legislative, Pro-Standards, Core Standards, Education and Bylaws committees, and have served as the Chairperson for the Grievance, Pro-Standards, Finance, Education and most recently Bylaws committee as well as serving as your Treasurer twice. I am looking forward to serving as your Treasurer once again in 2018 to represent all of the agents in Shasta County as well as continue to improve the Associations outstanding reputation.

I have been actively involved with The American Heart Associations’ Go Red for Women campaign, and served as Chairperson for 2 of those 8 years. Similarly, I have also been active with The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk, and have served as Chairperson for 2 of the past 6 years.  I am also an active member of Soroptimist International, serving as Secretary, Delegate and President of Soroptimist Downtown Redding Chapter.”

Office of Director -Designated REALTOR®  

Clint Cronic

I have been a member of the Shasta Association of REALTORS® since 2001 as a full time REALTOR® and Broker.  I have served as one of your directors for the last 8 years, really helping to bring changes that the membership would truly benefit from.  My goal is to represent every agent’s point of view in our association, make decisions that will uphold our integrity as REALTORS® and help remove roadblocks that make our job harder.  There are some great projects that are just getting started, that will do just that!  I have been an active member of several committees including the MLS, Grievance, Long-Range Planning, Bylaws, Communications, Social Committee, YPN and REALTOR® of the year.   It has been a great pleasure to be able to serve on each of these committees on behalf of all the members of the board.  I look forward to being able to serve and represent you as your voice again, as a member of the Board of Directors for 2018!

Office of Director - Associate REALTOR® 

Josh Domke

Josh is the general manager of Real Living Real Estate Professionals.  He has been a member of the Shasta Association of REALTORS® since 2011.  He has served on the Grievance Committee for the last two years.  While serving on the grievance committee Josh realized his passion for helping the association and industry grow, promoting sound business standards and ethics.  Josh traveled with the board of directors to the C.A.R. convention in Palm Springs in the spring of 2017 and was inspired by the commitment of the board of directors both locally and statewide to improve the real estate industry.  If elected to the board of directors he will strive to work with our members to improve upon our local association and provide support wherever needed.

Office of Director – Associate REALTOR®

Brad Garbutt

Since joining Shasta Association of Realtors in 1983, I have served on many committees and the Board of Directors over the decades. In 1999 I was honored as Realtor of the Year, went on to serve as board president in 2000 & 2001, Region II Chair for C.A.R. in 2004, Chair of Rural Forum in 2007 for C.A.R. and traveling State Director from 2000-2008. Locally, I have chaired the Long Range Planning/Core Standards committee for many years. I also serve on Professional Standards Committee.

I'm very proud of our association and the value it delivers to its members. Prudent decisions by association staff, board members present and past can be credited for keeping our association on solid financial ground while keeping membership dues low despite inflation and increased costs of doing business. If elected, I promise to continue fiscally sound oversight of board functions and work towards enhancing member benefits, professionalism and success.

I would appreciate your vote and hope to have the opportunity to serve you again!

17-07-05;Chrissy Grotting photo.jpg

Office of Director – Associate REALTOR®

Chrissy Grotting

I am an Enterprise High School graduate. I have my Associate’s degree from BYU Idaho. In 2000 I began working with my parent’s at Re/Max. I was my dad’s escrow coordinator for about a year and half. I got my real estate license in 2001. I am currently working on getting my broker’s license. In the 16 years since I have had my license I have served on the grievance committee and was also the chair of the grievance committee. I have also had the opportunity to serve as a director on the board of director’s for the Board of Realtor’s for 3 years. It was a great learning experience being able to serve as one of the director’s and I would love to have the opportunity to do so again.

17-07-14;Joyce Middleton photo.jpg

Office of Director – Designated REALTOR®

Joyce Middleton

My name is Joyce Middleton and I am running for the Board of Directors of our Association.  I have been a licensed REALTOR® for 37 years and a broker for the past 13 years and am currently the Designated Broker for House of Realty, Inc.  I served as President of our Association in 2010 and as Region 2 Chair for Northern California in 2015 and on the State Nominating Committee for election of CAR State Officers in 2016.

I have a Juris Doctor degree in Law and am a former adjunct professor for Shasta College as well as having served on the Advisory Board in Real Estate for Shasta College.  I am a member of the American Association of University of Women (AAUW).

Currently, I am the chair for the Pro-Standards Committee for our Association.

I would be honored to serve our Association as a Board of Director.

17-07-05;Dennis Morgan photo 1a.jpg

Office of Director - Associate REALTOR®

Dennis Morgan

Dennis has been a member of the Shasta Association of REALTORS since 1996.  Dennis is an Owner/Broker of Banner Real Estate and currently serves as Past President for the Association.  Dennis is actively serving on several different committees, including Grievance and Broker Involvement, brings his past experience as President in 2013 and 2016, as well as his participation on the Multiple Listing Service and Pro Standards Committees to the current position of Director.  Dennis welcomes your vote for 2018 Director for the Shasta Association of REALTORS®.

17-06-26;Scott Pewitt photo.jpg

Office of Director – Associate REALTOR®

Scott Pewitt

Scott’s desire to contribute as a director with Shasta Board of Realtors is to continue to bring realtors together for our number one priority, helping our city become a safe and healthy place for families to grow.  “I believe Redding can be safe, clean and prosperous place for families to call home through standing together and knowing what we want our community to look like.  We are stronger together as a community than any law or population that tries to say otherwise.”

Scott’s love for real estate comes from the desire to help clients vision cast and build their net-worth.  Scott conducts sales in residential, income and commercial properties.

17-06-26;Cindy Young photo 1.jpg

Office of Director – Associate REALTOR®

Cindy Young 

Since joining the Shasta Association of Realtors in October of 2004, I have been involved in many committees and Association functions. I served on the Grievance Committee for 2 years prior to becoming a Director, I have held the position of Chairperson of the Social Committee for the past 3 years which gave me the opportunity to design the Installation Celebration, the Black and White Ball, and various business mixers around town. I have also been on the Scholarship Committee for the past 3 years, am on Communications and Media Committee, Membership and Orientation and Community Outreach Task Force. The last 2 years I have been involved with the Community Creek Cleanup and working with the City Leaders to check in and orient volunteers for this event.

Growing up here in Shasta County has given me even more reason to want to give back to not only our community but our Association. I love our Association and doing things that provide support and joy to my fellow colleagues.  I will continue to do everything in my power to act in the best interest of this Association as your Director.

Thank you very much for the nomination to this position.

Click here for additional election information or contact the Association office.

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