The Shasta Association of REALTORS® ("Association") offers Flex IDX products designed to enable Brokers and Agents to display property listings of other Broker Participant's in the Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") on their own website, delivering value added property information, to the online consumer.  The FlexMLS™ suite of IDX products provides different options to meet the needs of both the Broker and Agent.

IDX SmartFrame:

  • Smart Frame IDX frames the FlexMLS™ Web System search engine directly into the Agent web site delivering the same real-time data and powerful map searches available in FlexMLS™ Web. For detailed information click here.

IDX Manager:

  • IDX Manager is a powerful solution for Brokers and Agents that are members of the Association using FlexMLS™.  IDX Manager can be purchased by signing into your FlexMLS™ account, selecting “Preferences” and clicking on the link “IDX Manager.”

In order to take advantage of many of the FlexMLS™ suite of products, the Broker and/or Agent must obtain permission/RETS/IDX credentials (via written agreement) from the Association.

What is RETS/IDX?

  • "RETS" stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard which is a set of documents describing how software developers can program their software according to standards agreed upon by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). The FlexMLS™ RETS server provides a private data interface that allows for the communication of real estate data between authorized computer systems.  RETS allows for the easy export and use of this data, and because the FlexMLS™ RETS server is connecting to the same data source as the FlexMLS™ Web software that brokers and agents use, data pulled from the RETS server reflects live, up-to-date information.

The Association offers RETS/IDX (Active Listings) agreement(s) between the MLS, third parties, and a member of the Association.  The member of the MLS will be charged with an annual license fee of $95 upon signing an agreement for terms of use.  The Association will then create and maintain a set of “credentials” that will allow “all parties” to the agreement, authorization to access the FlexMLS™ RETS system.

Top 10 Reasons to use IDX Manager

1) Listings!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX puts them directly on your web site live from the MLS System

2) Photos!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX delivers them all fast and full size

3)  Turn visitors into customers!

  • FLEXMLS™ IDX allows Visitors opportunities to sign up for an IDX Portal account with you

4) Favorites, Notes, Saved Searches and Auto Updates!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX creates a portfolio of services for you and your client


5) Customer Management!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX helps you manage your customer accounts direcely for with FlexMLS™

6) Lead Management!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX distributes leads from your web site back to you, where they can be managed in a timely manner

7) Driving Directions!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX can deliver you to your listing destination

8) Personalize Your Web Site!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX allows you to create custom search links to match your target market

9)  Live Listing Data! 

  • FlexMLS™ IDX is delivered directly for the Association MLS service and is always up to date with price, status, and other changes

10) Maps and Aerial Imagery!

  • FlexMLS™ IDX helps navigate you clients to their destination(s)

To learn more about IDX Manager, click here.

For questions or additional detailed information about this service and/or member benefits, please contact Membership Services at the Association office at (530) 223-0410.